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M.A.D.E Services 

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This deputation is to stabilize the definition of an " Elite Beauty" by highlighting the individuals, accolades, profession, matriculation, service, character, personality, and talents for girls and women.

  Women Empowerment 

 Behind every successful woman Is a tribe of successful women that have her back. M.A.D.E Queen Woman Empowerment group reshapes the perception of adversity using core principles of mindset, agility,determination and economic empowerment.

  Financial Literacy 

More than 53% of Americans say they get anxious when the think about money. The average household carriers a credit card debt of about 6,000.  Over a third of Americans are scared to purchase one-hundred dollars on their credit card fearing they will max out.

Let us provide a service that can provide debt relief and income protection.

  Health and Wellness

Are are you looking to improve your health?

Do you need more vitamins, energy, weight management tips? Are you needing a self care plan ? This is the place to be 

    Purchase For a Cause 

Who knew that doing good could be so much fun? Do you love to help raise awareness and funds for multiple causes near and dear to your heart. So whether you’re looking for a casual night out, a fundraising party, or a wine social, I welcome the opportunity to help organize a great and memorable event with you!

  M.A.D.E Merchandise 

Do you believe in M.A.D.E? 

Check out our merchandise