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"We are more than the crown we are M.A.D.E ‚Äčto be leaders."

Simone Davis 

Simone Davis also known as The Serial Mammapreneur is invested in creating a dynamic economic portfolio has been crowned Ms. Chandler Arizona United States 2020 and Ms. Arizona United States 2020. She competed in the Ms. United States National Pageant 2020 and placed 4th runner up and Won Ms. United States People's Choice 2020.  While we all aim to bring diversity through change. #Theserialmammaprenuer mission is to inspire, educate, develop and brand leaders for our future generation within our community teaching Mindset, Agility Determination and Economic Empowerment through service and education.

For a little over a decade Simone has had truly character defining and dynamic experiences. These incredible life experiences have made her into the person that she is today. Each testimony has taught her truly valuable lessons most importan lesson was to continue to fight! Through pageantry she found her calling! She then discovered she wanted to make a difference in her community. Knowing that there were other girls just like her that needed healing and needed to be set free . She knew that her calling was to show through her own perseverance that will eventually anyone can see their true potential. Simone's salvation allowed her recognize who she was and she was able to manifest her experiences to help others.

In addition to not being educated properly; manifesting came with breaking her own generational curse. Working with limited resources she had to adopt a hustle mentality but she knew this was not her end goal. She then asked herself "How can I work so hard and not achieve anything?" She then discovered that through mentorships and resources she learned financial literacy and how to obtain wealth. Now she is able am able to teach the foundation that will establish entrepreneurship and wealth for people and brands that she influence.

Simone Davis is making it a personal journey to see to it that this generation knows they are royalty. The Serial Mammapreneur has come to merge the pageant industry with entrepreneurship and will see to it's continuation.

Simone Davis

Founder of M.A.D.E. (Manifesting And Developing Empires)