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Brittinie Sledge

 M.A.D.E Queen Arlington

Brittinie Sledge is a Human Resources Professional for DHL Supply Chain‘s Southwest Region located in Roanoke, TX. She began her career in Human Resources in 2015 after working in the financial industry for seven years. She always knew that she had a passion for working with people but was unsure of the best career path to take. She began working call center jobs at the age of 20 not knowing that it would be eight years that she’d be stuck in a cyclone of dead end jobs with no upward mobility.

Upon graduating high school, she went on to attend college at the University of North Texas in Denton, TX. In December 2009 she received a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology and a minor in Sociology. She graduated Magna cume laude with a GPA of 3.5. Not only was she studious but she also maintained a part-time job while she completed her undergraduate degree, starting with a work-study job as a lunch room attendant in the cafeteria. Her senior year, she volunteered at Denton County Friends of the Family, a battered women’s shelter that helped women and children escape abusive relationships. Even though still uncertain of which direction to take, this is where she discovered her love for helping those in need.

In March 2015 she got accepted into the training program for BNSF and decided to quit her job to become a railroad dispatcher. The salary made the opportunity seem very appealing, but after a month of training, she was unexpectedly dismissed from the program and never provided a reason. This was a devastating blow because now she was unemployed and had to figure out the next move. Although just recently baptized at the age of 30, Brittinie has always been a strong believer and kept her faith in God. It didn’t make sense at the time, but she knew that it would.

This set back lit the fire for her to take control of her life and stop living with doubt, fear and excuses. She decided to go back to school for a Master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology (with a focus on Human Resources Management). Now, everything was starting to make sense, she realized that being cut from the railroad program was a blessing in disguise. After only a month of being out of work, she accepted the offer to work with a former classmate as an HR assistant at a start-up company. Never having worked in HR, a warehouse or for a start-up company, it was very different from the corporate environment she was used to. Nevertheless, she still managed to work a full-time job, attend college online at Grand Canyon University and raise her raise her 3-year-old son. In October 2016, she received her Master’s Degree, graduating with all A’s. Work got easier and she began to emerge as a powerhouse. She found her passion in being an advocate for employees and after nine months, was promoted to coordinator. She became a member of the National Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) organization as well as the local mid-cities HR chapter.

While working as a Human Resources assistant at HelloFresh, she spearheaded the development of weekly food donations to two local churches and the North Texas Food Bank. The establishment of these relationships provided thousands of families throughout the North Texas region with healthy meals. In addition to the food donations, she also regularly donates items to Good Will, Mission Arlington and Paralyzed Veterans of America.

Currently at this point, Brittinie plans to use her experiences to help build, encourage and motivate young girls who are lost and lack guidance. She was blessed enough to have an amazing support system to help her through life’s brutal lessons so she knows the importance of mentorship. She wants to be the example for others just like her who were raised in single parent homes, dealt with issues of self-hate, experienced failures and setbacks – those who were not born with a silver spoon. She wants to show young women of color that with faith in God, a vision and determination, you can accomplish all things. Her message is simply that circumstances don’t have to corrupt your character and even in the midst of adversity, you can still be Elite and emerge a diamond

Preshus Bagby

M.A.D.E Queen Frisco

Preshus Ann Bagby was born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on March 8, 1994. She graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma, with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. She was a reporter for the campus news station and newspaper Ucentral. After, she graduated she moved to Little Elm, Texas to start her career in Mass Communications.

Preshus is currently the Marketing Assistant for TND Marketing and Management. She has stage manage for the Riverfront Jazz Festival, and she works with several recording artists such as Crystal Cameron. She is a social media ambassador for North Texas Food Bank, and avid volunteer.

Preshus believes that reading to understand is very fundamental. That is why she implements "Literature for the Youth".

Savannah Grace Moore

M.A.D.E  Teen

Savannah is a 15 year old that loves animals, playing guitar ,dancing, science and helping others. She has been dancing since the age three years old . She has been trained in ballet , majorette, hip hop and jazz. Savannah has a true passion for hip hop dancing. As a member of the Dallas Dazzlers Savannah and her team were able to bring home the title as "Amazing Champions". Standing above peer pressure and making sure she is the best student she can be Savannah has been awarded with Student of the month. Savannah is unique with a great personality. She has never compared herself to anyone else because she truly believes that if she put her mind to it then she can do it. Savannah prides herself on being a leader that can speak her mind this is how Savannah is able to love herself without any self-doubt. " I’m a girl with big dreams with high hopes to Succeed " is the quote that stole her C.E.O's heart. Savannahs Plat form is " Dancing to Educate & Shelter the homeless. As a reigning Queen Savannah mission is to raise money to send homeless children to school and to build more shelters to insure their safety.

Saniya Aleece June White

M.A.D.E Junior

Saniya was born in Stillwater, Oklahoma. At the tender age of three Saniya was nominated and won the title of Langston University Homecoming Princess . Also at Langston University Saniya won the title for Mini Supreme Miss. Tau Beta Sigma. This Elite Queen enjoys sewing, diy project, praise dancing and playing volleyball. Saniya is on the A'B honor roll and has managed to obtain a medal for tournament Championship winner for her volleyball team that she plays alongside with her sister

Skylee Amiya Jade White

. Skylee was born in Carrollton, Texas Skylee is the tournament Championship winner of her volleyball team that she plays alongside with her sister. Skylee has received the award for "Caring for our Friends and consistently stays on the A" honor roll at her elementary. Skylee takes Karate and her hobbies include basketball, football, running, praise dancing, mime, and reading to her little brother.