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New Beginnings !

Dear Elite,

With change  brings diversity and my mission is to inspire, educate, develop and brand leaders for our future generation within 

our community through service.  This deputation is to stabilize the definition of an Elite Beauty by highlighting the individuals accolades , profession , matriculation, service , character , personality , and talents for females of all ethnicities.

Miss. Arizona Divine Elite is a branch from our original Platform to promote Black Queens in Texas. After receiving so much positive feedback from different cultural backgrounds one main question has always been asked. Can We be M.A.D.E too? Our Founder  has worked hard to incorporate a pageant that promotes all girls and women without losing sight of  her initial goal which is service to all  'Man Kind"  Here it is Ladies Miss. Arizona Divine Elite!

Our Story

We love every minute of our journey

Chandler 101  

October 18,2019 our Founder Simone Marshall took a leap of  faith and joined the Chandler Chamber of Commerce. Her First Event as a new member was Chamber 101 held on  October 24,2019 . At this event our Founder  was able to access more knowledge and resources  offered from the  Chandler Chamber of Commerce. The meet and greet was beneficial as well. Each delegated business professional was able to give a twenty second commercial to highlight their business. Simone was able to network with important business contacts to support her mission. She ended the event by winning a raffle prize from Life Vantage Her Next up coming event will be Coffee with the Mayor October 29,2019. 

Chat For A Change 

With a mission to inspire, educate, develop, and brand leaders 

of the future within our communities our C.E.O leads by example.

 A  M.A.D.E Queen should implement a platform to help bring change,awareness and possible solutions within her community. 

Giving Back to the Community is something that our C.E.O 

Does from the heart. For years Simone has been an advocate for Homelessness Awareness and Adolescence Development. 

November 9, 2019 marked the official date that our C.E.O launched the First Charity Event "Chat for A Change" .  With the help of our community 

Miss. Arizona Divine Elite was able to raise three-hundred and ten dollars to help aid Arizona Friends of Homeless Outreach .